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my annemarie  
11:20pm 07/03/2010
“ Once in your life, if you are very lucky, you will meet the person who divides it to the time before you met her and the time after..."
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04:36am 08/03/2010 (UTC)
Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem nächsten Spiel: w00t from tbone not that OTHER T'Bone
Just got done watching Shrek AGAIN, so...

*grabs blank cue card and scribbles "AWWWWWWwwww" before holding it up*
picword: w00t from tbone not that OTHER T'Bone
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(no subject)
04:06pm 08/03/2010 (UTC)
gospog: Doom
That is awesome. Good for you, two. :)

Since Jill & I met in high school, we are at the point where we have been in each others' lives longer than we have not.

Pretty cool, man. Pretty cool.
picword: Doom
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