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(no subject)  
02:43pm 01/06/2010
Annemarie and I had our kids this weekend- that's the third weekend in a row this month! Which is pretty cool, really. Assuming this ever goes to trial, we are thinking we may get the boys full time (it turns out I have a pretty good case), which would be great. I'd love for the kids to all go to the same school district out here. This has been an exciting year...

The pools are open in Columbia so we took the kids swimming twice, had a cookout in Baltimore, went to the movies all together, made breakfast, dinner, and lunch as a family. I planned a picnic but we never got it off the ground. maybe in June..

I helped Noah finish his rocket too.
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(no subject)
05:35pm 02/06/2010 (UTC)
Far Gone And Out
I know I haven't been around a while, and not to sound totally weird/lame or anything, but this was a pretty inspirational post!
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(no subject)
05:40pm 02/06/2010 (UTC)
Coem find me on Facebook! Peter Seckler
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