Peter (the_never) wrote,

Incredibly upsetting story. After I was threatened the first time, I filmed every single pickup with my kids on a succession of phones. I still take my phone out when I pick up my kids and keep it handy when they are being picked up. Just as in my case, it was a routine pickup, and just as in my case, the aggresor invented a story after the fact. I hope she goes to prison for a long time, and there's no way the daughter should be allowed anything other than supervised custody after this.

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    Annemarie and I went out to breakfast this morning and we are in the midst of planning out Christmas stuff. I have a Kindle Fire now and I don't know…

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    Thankful for a great year and a wonderful family and especially my hot girlfriend.!

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    Annemarie went on our first date on October 1st, 2008.. So we've been together for three years!

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